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July 20, 2017

Dual N-channel MOSFET

  • Application : DC / DC Converter
  • Integrates high-side MOSFET and low-side
  • MOSFET in a PowerPAK 5×6 PKG with a 50% smaller mounting area.
  • By setting the low-side MOSFET to a flip structure, TAB becomes GND, allowing highly efficient heat dissipation.
  • The parasitic inductance is reduced by the pin arrangement considering optimal placement of passive components.
  • Combined with high performance MOSFET process, the design achieves high efficiency and high power density.
  • Halogen-free / RoHS compliant (EU RoHS / UL-94 V-0 / MSL : Level 1)


  • Application: DC / DC converter
  • Integrates 3 Die: a gate driver, a high-side
  • MOSFET and a low-side MOSFET in a QFN 5 × 6 package to reduce parasitic inductance.
  • Flip package structure to take superior heat dissipation feature of the low-side MOSFET.
  • With built-in highly accurate current and temperature detection circuit, it allows outputs to monitor both.
  • Other built-in protection functions include UVLO / OCP / OTP.


  • Application: lithium ion battery
  • Integrates two MOSFET in one chip
  • A very thin product with only 100 um
  • Ultra low resistance with advanced wafer process
  • Pb-Free, Halogen-free / RoHS compliant (EU RoHS / UL-94 V-0 / MSL : Level 1)